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Hi all my friends and family. I know it's been several days since I last posted something here. I hope you'll all forgive me, but sometimes work gets in the way of more important things like writing.

However, I have been working hard behind the lines, so to speak, marketing my novel "Bridgetown High." By the way, have you purchased a copy of it yet? It's available at Barnes & Noble for an electronic copy or Amazon  for a paperback or kindle copy.

BUT here is a HUGE SURPRISE toward the end of this month (November 2016) the electronic version will be on sale for FREE, but only for five days. More details about where you can get this deal will be coming. Keep posted.

Do I think the book isn't worth anything? NO. So, why am I doing this? It's call exposure. With my book available for free, there are several promo sites that will advertise it for free to all their contacts for five days. My publisher is excited about doing this and is planning a marketing blitz along with new graphics. I'm excited and I hope you will too.

Keep in mind, Christmas is coming and this would make a great Christmas gift for your Teens and adults as well.

So, until next week,  as always, if you like this blog, please "Share" and "Like"it on Facebook , and "Re-tweet" it on Twitter. Then PLEASE, take five minutes to write a short review of "Bridgetown High" and post it on my author page at Amazon.

Also have you signed up for my email letters on my Blog Site? I would love to see you there and have you introduce yourself and give comments to this blog. And keep in mind "Bridgetown High" is still available at Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes&Noble and several other places I can't remember, both in kindle e'book, and paperback, which I recommend. You can read some GREAT reviews about Bridgetown High on Amazon and Goodreads in case you need more info about it

See y'all next week,
Paul W West, Author
Bridgetown High

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About Paul West

Paul West is a freelance writer and novelist. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Paul claims to be a "Prune Picker," though he now makes his home in Taylorsville, Utah.

You can follower him on Twitter: @PaulWWest

Published: Thursday, November 10, 2016

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  1. I wish you all the best. You're right, everyone does want to be an author.

  2. Good luck to you too. Keep following me here and maybe I can help you in your quest. Also, if you haven't already, get a FREE copy of "Bridgetown "High starting next Tuesday through Saturday. Along with the muses I post about how to become an author, it may give you some ideas of how I put it all together.