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For a chapter of my current WIP, I've been trying to write insulting parodies of old songs that adolescent boys might sing to a girl they find repulsive. You know how we boys can be so insensitive at times. However, I totally suck at writing poetry of any kind, plus I fear if the song is recognizable, which it surely would be, I will likely have to pay a royalty to the composer, or his descendants, and that can be a royal pain to go through the process of finding the composer's descendants, and deciding how much to pay, etc.

So, I'm thinking of cutting that chapter and moving on. I've stressed over this chapter too long now, and the more I think about it, while it would be fun to write (assuming I could write descent insulting poetry) it probably isn't necessary. The boys in this book are pretty insulting as it is and maybe I don't need to belabor the issue.

Here's to moving on.

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Published: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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