Thursday, July 30, 2015


For all of you faithful followers (all 2 or 3 of you) who have been following me faithfully to experience with me the struggles and frustrations of a would-be author, first you followed me through the querying process that took several years and still did not bear any fruit, but I got a publisher anyway by using a reference from a published author - and I thank you Tressa Jones.

Now, wow! It's been over a week and I'm feeling overwhelmed by what Limitless is asking me to do to get my novel ready for publication. I've had to go over my manuscript and format it to Limitless's requirements, and doing pre-edits, and they're giving me a tight schedule to get it done. Next, I will need to go over their editor's comments and edits and approve or change or reject them.

Marketing is going to be the next big effort. I'm anxious to see how they do it, and what they will expect me to do.

Hang in there my faithful followers. It aint' over 'till it's over.
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Published: Thursday, July 30, 2015

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I can tell GERTA! is going to have to wait. I can't believe all the things Limitless Publishers needs me to do before they can publish Bridgetown High.

Has any of you (all 1 ore 2 of you) gone through all this when you got accepted by a publisher?

First, I need to reformat the entire work to their specifications. That's not so bad, actually. Computers are a wonderful invention. Then, I need to go through and edit for "point of view," "tense," "information or back story dumps," "over used words and phrases," "dialog tags," "consistency," and so on.

Not all that bad, really. Over the years that I've been working on BH I've pretty well weeded all that stuff out.

Then they want me to answer questions for the cover design. That one kind of concerns me. I have my idea of how it should look, but their Cover Designer may not agree. But at least they are giving me an opportunity to give my input.

Then there's the tax forms and payment forms, etc.

But, I'm excited, still. I had no illusions that the publishing process would be a cake walk. I'm ready to do whatever it takes to make this novel take off and become the best seller it should be.

Wish me luck.
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... and now, it's time to resume work on GERTA!

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OK, all you faithful followers (all 1 or 2 of you, maybe 3) are you ready for this? He he he..... I'm holding on to the suspense for as long as I can (well if you probably already read on - STOP so you can share my excitement with me).

As I told you, probably more times than you cared to listen, that if you follow me, you'll learn all there is to holding onto a dream. I've shown you all my frustrations and agonies as I've worked on my novels, writing, editing, sending out queries, maybe close to 200 of them, and waiting, hoping against hope.

So, last week I told you all that I have a publishing company, Limitless Publishers, considering my novel "Bridgetown High."


Well, not bought exactly, but Limitless offered me a contract and I signed it!!!

WOOO HOOO!!! I am super excited, and I hope you all will join my excitement.

The book won't be published for probably a year or so, but that's OK. That will give me time to learn more about marketing my novel, and building buzz before it comes out. If all goes well, I'll be having a Break Out Party on-line.

Thank you for following me and please invite your friends to join with me for more exciting news about the frustrations of writing and marketing your novels.
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Well, it's been about two weeks now and no word from my (hopeful) publisher. For my faithful followers (all 1 or 2 of you), I say hang in there. The Submissions say to give them four weeks.

OK, in the meantime, I'm not letting grass grow under my feet. I've sent out 5 or 6 query letters to agents, and looking into all the latest marketing methods to sell my novel (BRIDGETOWN HIGH) when it ever gets published.

Wow, there are a ton of methods. Some carry a minimal cost, but most are free, just take up some time and imagination. I think I have a good plan (and this blog is part of that plan). I just need a published novel.

I know. Some of you are going to say, "why don't you self publish?"

I've considered that, but for a first novel, I don't see that as a viable alternative.

Just wish me luck, or better pray for me.
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I think there must be a purpose to editors and publishers taking so long to get back with you. I think it's either to overcome our hyperventilation, or to die from a lack of oxygen while waiting.

In other words, no word yet on the status of "Limitless Publishing," though this waiting period is giving me more time to prepare for the marketing efforts to come. I'm learning that blogging is one of the best marketing tools available. So, I guess I should write more here on my personal blog. Only problem is, how do I get this blog read? How do people, all 1 or 2 of you potential readers, even know I have this blog? Once in a great while someone will stumble on it, but that's not nearly good enough if I expect to attract readers, and ultimately buyers of my novel.

Anyone know how this works?
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