Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Woah! What a week.

First, I got a new granddaughter. She's a delight already. The hospital made my daughter sign a paper that she wouldn't tell anyone any of the details, so, sorry if you want more details. Hospital's orders.

Then, I got back all the edits from Limitless's editor and fixed what I could and commented on what I thought should be left alone. I don't think the editor understands colloquialisms and dialectics very well. That's OK. Hopefully he learned some of that from me.

A couple of days ago I got back the jacket cover and blurb. Fantastic, both. Everyone who saw it had about the same reaction: "Awesome!" Man, with a jacket cover and jacket blurb like these, I can't see why it wouldn't sell and sell big. Here's to crossing my fingers.

On top of that, my son just purchased domain names for me, for me and my book. What do you think of these:

There's nothing on them yet, but he'll help me fill them out. I can't be more excited!!!

The book won't come out until October or November, so, all you faithful followers, hang on. The ride isn't over yet.
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Published: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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