Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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Does anyone know how to get people to read a blog? I guess when it comes to being technologically talented, I missed the boat when God passed that talent out.

My publisher, Limitless Publishing, asked if I minded that they slip the editing effort by a few days. Sure. I will still have two weeks to fix whatever he finds wrong, but won't effect the release date.
I hesitate to mention the date as that may end up slipping too. eventually.

I wrote back and said it was OK, but I'm extremely anxious to see what kinds of edits he comes up with. Bridgetown High (assuming the title remains the same) has been edited over and over by several people in my critique group. It reads pretty smooth in my opinion.

So, to all you faithful followers, hang in with me and see what the publishing process is like. And, when that is over, I'll teach you all how to write a best selling novel - assuming my novel achieves that status, ha ha ha. Or, maybe it will be GERTA! that achieves that status.

Oh, you don't know about GERTA! It's my next middle-grade novel. Here's a teaser:

She stood five-foot-eleven, had to be all of 450 pounds and smelled worse than a sewer. Her dull beady eyes looked out from a mass of tangled, dishwater blonde hair. Her twisted and puffy face was pocked with oozing acne. “IT’S GERTA! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” We’d all scream in our best blood-curdling cries whenever we saw her. Everyone knew she was cooties of the deadliest kind and we would probably die if she ever touched us. But I loved her.

What do you think?
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Published: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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  1. Hey, Paul! The best way to get ppl to read your blog, is to follow and comment on other blogs. That's how I've gained my readers. =) It'll take some time to do it, but it's worth it. Also, it's great you've had so many eyes on your ms, but a good editor can always take a book to the next level- which is great! Lastly, fun excerpt, loved the way you ended it, makes me curious to read more.

  2. Thanks Leandra. I appreciate the advice. I guess I need to follow and comment on other blogs. All I need to do now is find them.