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I've begun again, sending out those devil queries for SWEET REVENGE. I hate writing them. I suck at it, actually. But, thanks to many fellow writer friends, I think my latest version of my query isn't too bad. So, I've sent it out to about 10 agents so far and I'm going to wait to see how they respond to this version before revising it again and sending to 10 more agents.

Here's hoping this one works. I really think my novel is top notch. While I've been classifying it as young adult, I think it's kind of literary as well. I say that, because it's totally character driven, not plot driven. Not to say it doesn't have a plot. It does, and it's a well developed plot, but the characters are the main focus. Will Mark get his revenge on the person who killed his family? Will Jeff get revenge on Mark for stealing his girl? And what about the two main girls, Charisse and Genie? Who will win Mark, or is he worth the fight? And what about Jeff? What kinds of wicked plans can he devise?

I'm hoping when it sells, it will sell big.

Now, to change the subject. I've run out of "What do Mormons Believe" statements. Over the past several weeks, I've quoted all 13 Articles of Faith. So now, I have a question for those of you who would like to know more about what Mormons believe:

Many Christian religions believe God is a spirit. Right? They quote a scripture in the New Testament that I can't recall right now because I don't have my scriptures with me at the moment that says in effect, "God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit." I probably didn't quote that correctly, it's just from memory. Regardless, my question is, if God is a spirit, what happened to His body? Wasn't Jesus resurrected? When He visited His apostles following the resurrection, didn't He say to them to handle Him and feel Him? Didn't He say that a spirit doesn't have a body of flesh and bone as He had? If He is a spirit now, what happened to His body? Did He die again?

I'd like to get people's answers to that question before I weigh in on the subject.

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Published: Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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  1. Hey Paul...I've tagged you on my blog. I think it's about time you took your mind off of things for a while and let us get to know the 'real' you...grin.

  2. To believe that Jesus Christ is a spirit you have to complete negate His resurrection, His 40 days amongst the apostles and disciples and His ascension in full view of the apostles and two angels who asked the men why they were so startled . . . or words to that effect. You have to negate His appearance in early America and the fact that they touched His hands and feet. You have to ignore a whole lot of truth to come to the conclusion that Jesus, after all He did to get a body and keep it eternally, just sloughed it off and said the godly version of "psych."

    I don't buy it. Jesus Christ has a resurrected, perfect body of flesh and bone, just as it is detailed in the New Testament. That's the Jesus Christ Mormons believe in. Jehovah of the Old Testament, and the resurrected Jesus Christ of the New. One and the same.

  3. Hi Candace. Thank you for your input. It's excellent. It explains a lot about what happened to Christ and what happened to his body.

    Now, I'm hoping I can get some Protestants and Catholics to respond. I'd like their input to this question.