Thursday, September 01, 2016

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Hello to all my Friends and Family.
Today I thought I'd write a bit more I'm extracting from Dean Koontz's book, "How to Write Best Selling Fiction." He suggests "The average reader demands eight things of a novel:" and he proceeds to list them. One that I think is paramount he lists as second in his list: "a great deal of action."

Have you ever read a book that just makes your eyes glaze over and instead of "I couldn't put it down," you say "I couldn't keep from putting it down." I recently read a book like that. It's written by a great, self published, author that I admire. But one of her books just put me to sleep and after about 10 chapters of boredom I had to give it up. I may take it up again if I find nothing  else to read. Some books are so filled with internal dialog (thoughts) that nothing ever gets accomplished.

If you want to write a best selling book, it's got to have some action, or as Dean Koontz said, "... a great deal of action."

In my novel "Bridgetown High," I tried to put some action, if only in dialog, into every scene.

I also read a "how too" book by Jack M. Bickham. The title of his book is "Scene and Structure." If I only got one thing from his advice it's that for every scene, such as a fight, argument, chase scene, etc., you need to have a sequel to unwind, so to speak. He calls that "Strucure." He explainns, "Structure is nothing more than a way of looking at your story material so that it's organized in a way that's both logical and dramatic." And that brings up another subject for another day (logic).

So, I wrote "Bridgetown High" with both ideas in mind, action and structure.

Keep that in mind when you are writing your best selling fiction.

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Published: Thursday, September 01, 2016

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