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Hello all my faithful friends and followers. I appreciate the response I got from last week's challenge. Does anyone remember what it was? I know one person did - Thanks Don.
Today, I thought I would reiterate what I wrote several weeks (months?) ago. Over the past few weeks I've read some FREE novels that sort of appealed to me based on the title and a short blurb. With few exceptions, they all started out the same -- booorrrriiiinnnnngggg.

Like I stated several weeks ago, you need to build tension from page 1, the first paragraph, if you can. Then, by the end of the first page, the story line should be so engrossing that the reader can't put it down.

Without tension a book or short story is a waste of time for the reader. And that especially applies to books you paid good money for.

Right now, I'm reading a free book I got on Amazon. I'm on about page 10 and still can't see what the story is all about, let alone is the protagonist into some kind of terrible trouble.

People tell me that self-published books, such as the one I'm currently reading, have gotten better. I'm not believing that. So far, most of the self-pubbed books I've read all start of with the same problem -- booorrriiiinnnnggg. Like, why should I care about this protagonist?

You need to have something the protagonist needs, or is having trouble with from the first paragraph. So, how do you achieve that?

Like I said several weeks ago, have the protagonist in some kind of trouble, or as Dean Koontz says "terrible trouble," right off. Give the protagonist a challenge. Then, as the story progresses, as the protagonist tries to solve his/her terrible trouble, he/she gets deeper and deeper into more trouble until at the very end, the climax if you will, the problems are all solved.
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Published: Thursday, July 14, 2016

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