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Today I thought I'd mention some more about characterization, but more specifically about building tension. You need tension or reading a novel without tension is a waste of time. You need to have something the protagonist needs, or is having trouble with. So, how do you achieve that?

First, like I said, having some kind of trouble, or as Dean Koontz says "terrible trouble." The beginning of that should begin, or be at least hinted at, from the very first sentence or paragraph, and should be expounded on by the end of the first page.

Another tool to build tension is in every scene -- in every conversation, be it protagonist versus antagonist, or even between friends.  Every conversation should be an argument, if you will. Not hateful or condemning, but disagreeing about something.

Take a look at "Bridgetown High." I've tried hard to make the conversations between characters in every scene, including the opening scene, a disagreement, or an argument, about something. In the opening scene, Mark is having internal dialogue where he feels guilty about what happened to his family. Then, he argues with his grandmother as he vows to get even with whoever killed his family.

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Published: Thursday, June 23, 2016

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