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Hi, all my faithful followers. I'm finally finding a moment to write something. I like the quip I coined several years ago. It goes like this: "Work often gets in the way of more important things, like writing." If you like realistic young adult stories, stories of love and vengeance and forgiveness, you'll love Bridgetown High.

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I've wanted to tell you more about Bridgetown High. Like I said before, each of the main characters have their own stories. So, which one do you want me to describe today? Charisse Davis? OK. I'll do that.

Charisse is a beautiful young lady, about 5' 1", strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, shapely. She's the kind of girl every boy dreams about but is afraid to ask on a date. Even though Mark talks with her from time to time, he's like every other boy, intimidated. Charisse is the Girl's Representative to the Junior Class, as well as being the Head Cheerleader. She's resourceful and pictures herself as next year's (her senior year) Student Body President. At the beginning of the book, Charisse is going steady with the basketball team captain. He actually dumps her as being too good for him. After doing a dirty trick on Mark, she goes after him, realizing he's very talented and the dirty trick has made him popular. In the end of the book, Mark has to choose, Charisse or Genie. More about Genie later.

Like I've said in previous blog entries, I want to write my next novel but can't find a free minute to do that. So, like I've said too, I'm writing this so you can see some of the struggles I've gone through to be a published author, and now to sell my book(s).

I still have no idea how well my book is selling. Sometimes I get the feeling it's doing OK, not great but OK. Other times, I get the feeling it's not doing well at all. I won't know until I get my first royalty payment, sometime around March 1. And even that won't tell me much as it will only reflect sales up to last December 31 (I think). 'Nuff for now.

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Published: Wednesday, February 03, 2016

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