I Wish My Novel Was Finished

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Recently, a writer friend commented that it seemed most middle grade novels begin with a "child of destiny" being attacked by a bully, then the bully disappears while the main character goes on to do whatever it is the book is really about.

I wish my novel I'm calling GERTA! were finished. It's about a horribly ugly, smelly, and fat girl who nobody likes - at first. She's not a child of destiny, far from it. She's also a slow learner, does poorly in school, but she's a genius mechanic. The boys in the class tease and ridicule her until the MC (POV character) eventually learns to love her as a child of God.

Yes, there are bullies, but they run through the entire novel, not just at the beginning.

I just wish it were close to being finished. I think there would be a big market for it.
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Published: Wednesday, September 01, 2010

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  1. Your novel plot sounds terrific! I sure would want to read this book. You are right; there should be a good market for this story. Please finish it soon.

  2. Thank you Bhaswati. Your encouragement is greatly important.

    What are you working on? Art, photography, music, writing?

  3. I do hope that Gerta gets to improve as a result of your MC's unconditional affection! I'd be really sad if she didn't, it would be too one-sided. It sounds like one I'd love to read.

  4. Thank you. I hope you'll keep following my blog. I intend to post more about my novels from time to time.