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Today I read a posting of a successful author wherein she says she is very shy and has a difficult time with personal interaction, which makes marketing her works difficult.

I too am VERY shy, but I've also learned that at times I simply need to overcome that. Having had various leadership type of church callings has forced me to climb out of my shell at times. In each of these callings I was forced for be outgoing which is totally against my nature. But I found I could do it if I tried.

However, marketing your literary creations does not necessarily require one to suddenly become an extrovert. There are plenty of behind the scenes ways of becoming "known". Blogging is an excellent method, but it’s just a beginning. First you have to encourage people to read your blog. Posting regularly on other writers forums helps to draw attention to you, your work, and your blog. Commenting regularly on other writers' blogs can also go a long way to getting people to know you, as does commenting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Good Reads, and other social networking sites. I've even gone to sites such as ClassMates and Reunion to reconnect with old high school friends that I haven't heard from in many years. I'm finding them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

All these can help, but if you have an expertise, or are well versed in some subject or theme, posting your ideas wherever and whenever you can helps even more.

Now, don't think I'm some kind of expert in platform building. I'm trying. But I have to admit I don't do a good job of it yet. I simply don't have the time to devote to doing all this. I takes time and effort. But a shy person can do this just as well as an extrovert.
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Published: Thursday, August 06, 2009

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  1. It's funny, but I've been thinking about this a lot lately as well.

    I'm fairly introverted, and the idea of a book tour sort of scares me. And yet, I got my teaching certification which required me to teach (of course!).

    You're right to say, we can overcome things when we need to.

  2. Tony, I think we need to get Kim to show us how to do a virtual book tour. I don't think she had to go anywhere or meet anyone.

  3. I have some cool ideas if I ever get published. Like viral videos on youtube, and staging an ARG (alternate reality game).

    But I guess I should worry about getting a book published *first.* :-p

    I don't know if you're like me, Paul, but I do a lot of daydreaming.

  4. How can one be a fiction writer and not day dream? Dreams, especially daydreams, are the essence of creativity.