Aw, Blue Hawaii

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My wife and I just got back from a most wonderful vacation to Hawaii. We truly hated to leave that beautiful place. We'd seen lots of pictures of the islands, but until last week had never been there, and the pictures don't do it justice, in my mind. We only visited the island of Oahu, but we toured most of it. We got rained on on the windward side, but even that wasn't bad, except during the short torrential downpours. We stayed in Waikiki and mostly took bus tours, and enjoyed every minute of it, especially the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Anyway, since I'm back, I'll be posting something of substance soon. I just don't have time right now.

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Published: Wednesday, June 03, 2009

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  1. So, that's where you guys have been . . .

  2. That, and attending my son's Ward in American Fork for two weeks prior to our trip, while babysitting our grandkids.

    We should be in church this Sunday. See you then.

  3. You lucky duck!

    (About going to Hawaii, not American Fork. I've been to American Fork. :) )