Happy New Year

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It's time for New Year's goal setting. I'm a bit delayed in my FINAL revision of Sweet Revenge, but it should be finished by next week, assuming all goes well. Then I will resume looking for an agent.

I submitted my first chapter to Firebrand Literary Agency, but they haven't responded yet, but then I don't expect them to ever respond. I heard they've gotten several thousand submissions during their query free submission fiasco, and they still have all of January to go with their offer. I think they're crazy, but it's what they want to do, and I'm not complaining. I hope I do hear from them, but I'm not holding my breath.

So, for my New Year's writing goals:
  1. Finish revising SWEET REVENGE
  2. Find an agent for SWEET REVENGE
  3. Finish writing GERTA!
  4. Begin searching for an agent for GERTA!
  5. Start new novel
This year may prove to be a busy one. I wish everyone who reads this good luck and prosperity in the coming year.

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Published: Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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  1. Pretty ambitious goals, Paul. 2 novels and 1 on the way! I really hope something comes of it. You know you're putting the pressure on the rest of us. I guess I'd better get serious about my new years plans. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. If that's what you call pressure. I'm so way behind all my writing friends it's pitiful.

  3. Best of luck with everything and a very happy new year!

    - Dwayne

  4. Thanks Dwayne. I hope you're not upset I took my book down off the "Edge." I just don't want to keep it posted on-line for too long a time.

  5. Best wishes for the 2009 year, Paul. You are doing very well with your accomplishments. I know this will be your year!

  6. Thanks Kim. I'm excited about your successes too.

  7. Excellent goals, Paul. And yes, Basic Guy is right, it is ambitious, but very doable.

    I just wanted to drop and invite you to check out a new social network I created called Neighborhood and Friends. It's a great place for people to socialize who prefer a clean, safe, environment to keep current with family and friends, as well as to gain new friends. I hope you'll check it out and find me if you do! Thanks. No pressure, just issuing the invitation.

  8. Thanks Candice. I found your site and joined. It looks great. I'll add it to my sidebar.