Google Alerts - Not for Me


After only 4 days I've probably gotten nearly 100 alerts from Google Alerts. I signed up for 4 different notifications. But none of them had anything to do with me or my writing, so I've stopped them since they were just cluttering my in-box.

Now, after listening to the critics (for a few years now), I've decided to try and bring Sweet Revenge up to modern day. Everything I hear is that novels set in the '60, unless they're about the Vietnam war or something like that, are a hard sell. So, now I've decided to turn it into a modern day novel and see if that helps.

Wish me luck.

About Paul West

Paul West is a freelance writer and novelist. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Paul claims to be a "Prune Picker," though he now makes his home in Taylorsville, Utah.

You can follower him on Twitter: @PaulWWest

Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008

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