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Just a quick note. I don't have time for a lengthy post this week.

I sent out 7 new e-queries this week. As of yesterday, I got 3 e-jections s far. That was pretty quick. Makes me wonder how those agents could have possibly evaluated my query, and with some, sample pages and synopsis. I guess they can tell right off if it's something that interests them.

Well, here's hoping the others will prove to be better news, assuming they respond at all.
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Published: Saturday, May 17, 2008

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  1. That would make me wonder two things...are they that, um, underworked that they looked through your stuff that fast? or -- are they even giving you a quality look over?? sigh. Perhaps the other ones will be a better response.
    And...I've tagged you on my blog. Want to play?

  2. Hi Gaynell,

    Isn't this the second or third time you've tagged me? Who would want to know any more about me, a floundering, unpublished, wannabe author, LOL.


  3. I couldn't remember if I'd tagged you before!!! sorry...and then I forgot to publish it so you were wondering WHAT??? grin. If you don't want to, I'll understand. I'm just trying to get more people to your blog! ;)

  4. Thanks Gaynell. I appreciate your help. Realistically, however, I can't help wondering how playing tag helps. I guess I'm not as internet savvy as I need to be. I just thought playing tag was just something fun to do. I'll post your tag and pass it on to a few writer friends of mine. Thanks.

  5. I found you through the lds webring.

    I think publishers know ahead of time exactly what their looking for. I mean exactly. As in "I'm looking for a story that involves an Indian boy and his pet elephant" and I'm also interested in Vampires, but not just any vampires. I want baby vampires.

  6. Hi Anna Maria. Thanks for your comment. I think you're right to some extent, but I also think a new idea will get some scrutiny as well as long as it's fresh and a different take - even if it's on an old theme.

  7. Good luck. There are those authors who have received hundreds of rejections only to go on to be the most prolific of authors, beloved around the world. So hang in there.

  8. Thanks Candace. I appreciate your confidence.