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There's been a lot of interest, pro and con, lately about global warming. As some of you know, I'm an environmental biologist. So, I've studied, well, read up on the subject of global warming, and have definitely come to an opinion. Note that it's an opinion, not a scientific fact. As far as I can tell, the science about this matter is still out.

Have you read Michael Crichton's book "State of Fear?" It’s a great novel. He did a lot of research and I think he put it right. Global warming may (note the operative "may") be happening, but it's not being caused by us puny humans.

Take for example the changing ocean currents. They are what influence the weather around the globe. So, what's been happening? Well, how about underwater volcanoes? Seismologists have detected more underwater volcanoes in the past several years than ever before. What happens when they erupt? Hot water. This hot water changes the ocean currents and warms the air, and “warms” the globe.

But! And I think this is interesting. Parts of the world are actually cooling. Hmm! Why is that? Well, if you look at the Antarctic ice shelf, part of it is melting, just as the global warming crowd claims. But on the far side of the continent, the ice is getting thicker. Horrors! How can that be happening? It’s called changing ocean currents caused by the underwater volcanoes.

It is my opinion, since the science is still out, that so-called global warming, if truly happening, is being caused by underwater volcanoes, not our puny efforts to pollute the atmosphere with our exhaust emissions.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of clean air. But I don’t think we need to put our industry and out transportation systems out of business to accomplish that.
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Published: Monday, March 24, 2008

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  1. Excellent post. I had not read that opinion nor the facts about the thicker ice on the other side of Antarctica. Probably because that wouldn't suit the noisy global-warming advocates. (What do they hope to gain, anyway?) Earthlings will just have to adapt to what's happening, hopefully cleaning the air in the process. Where's my car that runs on water? They're already late with my flying car.

  2. Paul,

    You won a book on my blog way back at the beginning of this month, Kerri Blair's Ghost of a Chance. Please come to my blog and e-mail your mailing address to me as soon as possible.

    Thanks, LDSP

  3. What do they hope to gain? The destruction of our nation. The destruction of capitalism. Implementation of god-given socialism (note the small "g"), communism, equal rights for deviants, fewer rights for common folk, destruction of everything good, including God in the name of the religion of humanism.

    Need I go on. I can.

  4. Thanks bunches lds publisher. I don't even remember entering a contest. This is great.

    Thanks again,