Wrote Last Chapter of GRETA!

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It was exhilerating!!! I finally wrote the last chapter of GRETA! I even felt emotional as I wrote that final scene.

Now, all I have to do is fill in everything from Chapter 20 to the last chapter, LOL.
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Paul West is a freelance writer and novelist. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Paul claims to be a "Prune Picker," though he now makes his home in Taylorsville, Utah.

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Published: Monday, April 16, 2007

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  1. Congrats!

    Not sure I'd use an exclamation point in the title, though. How many books do that? There may be a reason why so many don't.

  2. It's not only the title, it's an excalamation, as in, "GLENNA! Run for your lives!!!"

  3. Well done, Paul. I hope by now you have filled up some of those yet-to-be-done chapters.


  4. Paul! LOL Congrats on the last chapter and I hope you can get those in between chapters written. I was wondering where you've been, of course, I've been MIA as well.

  5. Thanks everyone for your well-wishes. I guess I have more readers than I thought. I'm up to 3 now, LOL.

    "I was wondering where you've been."

    I'm still here, just too busy to get around to writing in my blog. I probably won't add much this month either. As I always say, "Work often gets in the way of more important things, like writing."